Men's Fashion Tips

Matching your dress shirt with your tie is a dated look; try a contrast.
Flat-front trousers look better than pleated for slenderizing.
Match your socks and pants for a finished look.
Get a classy watch to make a strong impression.
If you wear glasses, find a frame that not only complements your face, but also reflects your personality.
Select shoes which are darker than your trousers.
Every man should have a custom-fitted suit.
Choose the shirt collar that fits your face. Long, narrow faces should avoid long, pointed collars. Round faces look best in something other than a spread collar.
Always match your belt and your shoes for a completely stylish look.
Invest some time and money in your clothing image!
Let your barber help you with your grooming. Ask him to freshen your look and teach you how to keep your beard immaculate. Neatness counts.
Don't wear square-toed shoes. These are not fashionable anymore.
Avoid the fashion fads. Choose classics.
Don't mistake business attire for stylish attire. What works for 9 to 5 won't always work from 5 to 9 or on weekends.
A bow tie is a finishing touch for any man's look.