Wardrobe Packages and Tailored Suits in Greenville

Assembling a complete wardrobe is easy and affordable with our fantastic package deals. Visit A. Smith Clothiers in Greenville, South Carolina, and walk away with everything you need to dress well. We also offer free wardrobe consulting when you purchase a package. Each package is constructed by an expert in men's fashion, and great care is taken to choose items that are perfect for the modern professional. We know that your appearance is an important factor in your success.

Every man needs at least one suit that fits like a glove. Because we know our customers are fashion savvy, we also provide them with tailored suits in Greenville.

Customize Your Package

The specific items listed in each package can be altered to suit your preferences, and the prices vary, depending on the items you choose. The final price depends on whether the items are ready-to-wear (RTW) or made-to-measure (MTM).

Basic Package

Our Basic Package includes a complete selection of clothing for the modern man. The items in this package can be mixed and matched to create 30-40 ensembles. That's just $125 per ensemble! This is a great choice for the man who is starting to build a wardrobe, such as a new graduate, entry-level corporate executive, or sales associate. The Basic Package includes:

Navy Suit - $1,000.00
Gray Suit - $1,000.00
Navy Blazer - $850.00
White Dress Shirts (2) - $350.00
Blue Dress Shirt - $175.00
Sports Coat - $950.00
Gray Trousers - $200.00
Black Trousers - $200.00
Neck Ties (4) - $350.00
Bow Tie - $75.00

Regular Price - $5,150.00
10% Discount - $515.00
Basic Package Price - $4,635.00
An example of our tailored suits in Easley

Intermediate Package

Think of this package as the Basic Package Plus. You'll receive enough items to create 60-80 ensembles, along with an even bigger discount that keeps the cost of each ensemble at around $125. This package is ideal for the more established, active professional or executive who is looking to expand his wardrobe choices beyond the basics. The Intermediate Package includes everything in the Basic Package, plus:

Additional Suits (2) - $2,000.00
Additional Sports Coat (2) - $1,750.00
White Dress Shirts (2) - $350.00
Any Color Dress Shirt - $175.00
Additional Trousers (2) - $400.00
Additional Neck Ties (2) - $150.00
Additional Bow Tie - $75.00

Regular Price - $5,150.00 + $4,900.00 = $10,050.00 15% Discount - $1,507.50 Intermediate Package Price - $8,542.00

Ultimate Package

The Ultimate Package is the perfect choice for men who truly care about style. This package adds formal wear and "after 5" fashions to the Intermediate Package. You'll be able to create an additional 10-20 ensembles. The price per ensemble remains at around $125. This package offers more established executives and professionals an opportunity to transition from standard 9-to-5 business clothes to 5-to-9 attire – and beyond! The man who is ready for this level understands that dressing for the occasion is extremely important. You define yourself by showing that your "style" does not end after work, it only begins! This package includes everything from the Basic and Intermediate Packages, plus:

• Vests (2) - $400.00
• Tuxedo - $1,250.00
• Formal Dress Shirt - $200.00
• Formal Bow Tie - $100.00
• Formal Cuff Links/Studs - $200.00
• Formal Cummerbund - $100.00
• Dinner Jacket - $1,000.00

• Regular Price - $10,050 + $3,257 = $13,307.00 • 15% Discount - $1,996.05 • Ultimate Package Price - $11,310.95